Cardinals Casino Named Stadium

Scottsdale, AZ - The NFL’s sports betting policy has yet to change, as its very public stance on their opposition to gambling on football has been reiterated and made clear by Commissioner Roger Goodell. That being said, they sure don’t mind taking money from gambling businesses and profiting from activities that they deem harmful to the “integrity” of the league.

It has been reported that Gila River Gaming Enterprises are meeting with the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals to discuss a possible naming rights deal for their stadium. The GRGE operates several casinos in the Gila River Indian community and are the biggest casino business in the entire state of Arizona.

There is nothing set in stone but with the idea even being proposed to the league and not being immediately rejected points to where the NFL’s true priorities are, even though the NFL’s Commissioner, Roger Goodell, is still adamant that the league has not changed its views. That being said, with all of the recent news linking the league to casinos, daily fantasy sports sites, and obviously, the Raiders move to Las Vegas, don’t be surprised if there is a sudden change as far as the league’s views on the subject are concerned.

Again, it’s not a done deal and the deal could easily not happen but with the possibility of yet another casino having naming rights of an NFL stadium, it’s clear that the same scenario could be in play for the Raiders new stadium in Vegas. Back in August of 2016, the Miami Dolphins naming rights were bought by the Hard Rock Casino. It seems like a ripple effect of sorts is forming so we could see some significant changes in the NFL’s sports gambling policy going forward.

Other Sports Leagues Views On Sports Betting

The NFL isn’t the only pro sports league out there where this topic is relevant, other sports leagues views on sports betting have been vocalized often lately. Specifically, the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver have been arguing for the legalization of sports gambling. Back in March, the NBA’s senior vice president, Dan Spillane, said “There is definitely forward motion,” in regards to there one day being regulated gaming opportunities in the NBA. The NHL has also been in the forefront of the argument after they launched a new franchise in Las Vegas called the Las Vegas Golden Knights. You would think that means they are for the activity right? Wrong! The NHL’s commissioner was quoted as saying “The NHL doesn’t lend itself to sports betting”. Just like the NFL though, it’s only a matter of time before the NHL can’t help but to accept the benefits associated with allowing for gambling opportunities like sports betting in Arizona.

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