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Arizona Senate

Arizona Senate Postpones Sports Betting Bill Debate

By Michael Molter | February 12, 2019

Phoenix – The debate for Senate Bill 1158, the one that would authorize sports wagering in Arizona, has been postponed by the Senate. On Thursday, the legislators determined revisions and amendments were needed on the bill before any vote could be held. The bill was sponsored by Republican Senator Sonny Borrelli who gave his bill … Read more

Arizona Stadium

Cardinals Casino Named Stadium

By Dillon Appleman | May 15, 2017

Scottsdale, AZ – The NFL’s sports betting policy has yet to change, as its very public stance on their opposition to gambling on football has been reiterated and made clear by Commissioner Roger Goodell. That being said, they sure don’t mind taking money from gambling businesses and profiting from activities that they deem harmful to … Read more

Arizona Sportsbooks

NFL’s Stance On Sports Betting

By Dillon Appleman | May 11, 2017

New York, NY – The NFL’s stance on sports betting has been set in stone for years now but with the announcement that the Oakland Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas, has people wondering if they are going to change that stance. Other leagues like the NBA and NHL, who just launched a new … Read more

NFL Draft

Inaugural Draft Betting Allowed In Nevada

By Dillon Appleman | March 8, 2017

Nevada sportsbooks allowed bettors to wager on NFL Draft props leading up to the opening of the 2017 draft, raising a number of questions among sports bettors in the US. Does This Mean Legal Sports Betting In Arizona Is Coming? Will We Be able To Bet On Drafts In The Future? Wait, You Can Bet On The … Read more